“Has any one man been cuckolded so in a space of three hours?”

about the shorty:

CUCKOLD is a story of love and loss. After twice facing off with muggers, our protagonist finds refuge with a prostitute, and immediately falls for her. But soon discovers that she can never be his. What does it mean to love a body you can’t own? A heart that belongs to another? Surely it must be the ultimate cuckold!

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about the author:

Mpho Matsitle is a wannabe revolutionary who scribes in his spare time. He’s a leader of several special concern movements (that exist mainly in his head) including but not limited to the men’s rights tripartite: the Holy Alliance of Deputy Boyfriends, the National Association of Husbands And Boyfriends (NAHAB) and the National Union of Ben10s of South Africa (NUBSA). He fancies himself an immortal existentialist and a libertine. He claims he’s just a collection of ideas and passions – all mind and soul – and thus doesn’t recognise his body nor take any responsibility for the actions thereof.

foreword by Rithuli Orleyn:

Mpho Matsitle is fearless; the way he take us to the deep recesses of his confidence. He is seductively vulnerable, and how I lurched on his beautiful ‘ruse’ as a proxy and a license for my own narcissism.

Sex is tricky; I find it tricky, especially as canvas for painting change within the domain of black struggles. I guess my difficulty is trying to leash it too tightly to political discourse – on the contrary he is are quite ‘liberal’.

My opinion is that, I think, he has anchored it well for a reader that knows his work. There were moments I felt, not to be conservative, that the sex bordered on unbecoming indulgences – my Victorian morals I’m sure. Whatever reservations I have, I mean the way he used sex here, are rescued by the last paragraph.

Let this be a lesson from Mpho’s clever play with words. Form can eclipse or trump content. He has redeemed an otherwise “fifty shades of grey” pornographic content and turned it around an axis of expression that befits “taste”. Well done!