It is of course common cause that I had to abandon my Leadership and active membership of the Alliance due to the workings of the third force – I fell in love. As thus I was automatically parachuted to the Leadership of NAHAB as per protocol.

But it is well-known that I suffer from acute misanthropy – as such I feel very uncomfortable in a mass movement such as NAHAB. I am more comfortable in elite vanguard movements such as my former HADB and NUBSA – but my aversion to preening disqualifies me from the latter.

Pursuant the above, I sat down with my Supreme Leader to get clarity as to what must happen with the country. After much deliberation it was resolved that the only movement relevant for me is the BLF.

We agreed that, as a revolutionary and monogamist, I would not enter into these Blesser/Blessee relations for sexual exploitation of young women, but in return for the blessings I will be conferring upon them the young women would offer me unrestricted access into their thoughts, theories and experiences which I would then use in my new chosen ministry of graphomania.

But there’s the little problem of blessings.

So I appeal to you, comrades and compatriots, to ensure that these Pope Chronicles reach far and wide. That we are invited on speaking engagements from Langa to Lagos. We must be quick to remind you that our turn in selfless struggles is over, as such these words that must reach far and wide and their concomitant speaking engagements must be compensated for. So please, buy black!


Yours truly


Yosef abuYeshua II

Pope Emeritus of the Holy Alliance of Deputy Boyfriends

(and with your support) Candidate for the Blessers Leadership Forum