"go...go...go shorty, it's your birthday"

The "lil shorty" series turns one on 27 April 2018 

To celebrate this milestone, and to celebrate 24 Years of Freedom, all titles under the "lil shorty" series will be free, mahala, gratis, for 24 Hours on Freedom Day; or - as we'd call it - #FreeLitDay!

Herewith the lil shorties available for FREE download (only on #FreeLitDay):


CUCKOLD by Mpho Matsitle

CUCKOLD is a story of love and loss. After twice facing off with muggers, our protagonist finds refuge with a prostitute, and immediately falls for her. But soon discovers that she can never be his. What does it mean to love a body you can’t own? A heart that belongs to another? Surely it must be the ultimate cuckold? One thing for sure, it is ultimately #LitAF!

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THOLWANA TSA TOKOLOHO is culled from Ace Moloi’s anthology of the same name. It’s a story of how the mighty have fallen; and how the mightier keep the former down. Moloi patiently and languorously takes us through a meticulous scan of a guerrilla veteran’s life – the pain of it all, the banality of routine, the futility of fruitless struggle. The depression, disenchantment and dread. The language is indulgent, minute and acts as a soft luxurious landing for the fall of the soldier and ours as we fall in pain with him. It is an all-encompassing story of life seen through a few pieces of furniture. It is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, #LitAF! 

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FIVE FUCKS OR LESS by Thato Rossouw

In this irreverent cut-throat essay cutely christened FIVE FUCKS OR LESS: On Jacob Zuma and Learning How Not To Give a Fuck, Thato Rossouw finally finds meaning to his boil-ridden existence as our own liberator from the turmoil of fuck-giving. And we thank him for it. This essay is insightful, well constructed, funny and – most importantly – #LitAF!

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DEFENDING DR JORDAN by Andile Mngxitama

DEFENDING DR JORDAN is culled from Andile Mngxitama’s unpublished memoir of his infamous short stint as commissar in the Economic Freedom Fighters. In this tale he narrates one of the many reasons for that failed experiment. Mngxitama has often mentioned that post the revolution he tirelessly works for he wants to write love poems – we at Art Fusion Literature think he has a bright future, as the shorty Zi, offered as vulamlomo herein, proves beyond reasonable doubt that he is a #LitAF penslinger.

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ZODWA WABANTU by Malizo kaMlandzelwa

This short treatise ZODWA WABANTU – God’s Only Daughter is a dexterous and convincing attempt – not to mention noble, if not a little naïve – to return humankind to the intelligence and embrace of the creator. Malizo – who definitely exists! – employs African philosophy and European mythology to hail Zodwa Wabantu as the true messiah. Some may charge that its heresy, we here say its #LitAF!

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THE MISSING WORD takes to the backstage of yet another great show gripping the nation: Miracle Healing and Prophecy. Moloi strips bare the existential anguish of the venerated and ridiculed “Men Of God”, who are always at the crossroads of faith, morality and flesh, reality. In his usual meticulous nuance, Moloi takes care to even paint the finer details of a passing seductress. He gives ample ground for interpretation and imagination, and none for easy answers – this nuance and novelistic ambiguity is what renders it #LitAF!

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