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1. The Ministry Of Deputising

“He should stay on because he can give you things that I can’t. Look, Claire, we’ve been a great team. But one person cannot give everything to another person. I can’t travel with you. I don’t keep you warm at… Continue Reading →

Introduction to Pope Chronicles

Shortly after my descent to earth, I was given the name Yosef by my great-grandfather. For a long while, blinded by the politics of denying white people their God-given right to name and reign over their property (i.e. blacks), I… Continue Reading →

Foreword by Lavittude Ramphomane

We are used to story-telling which can readily be defined as the reader’s hand being taken by the narrator’s own seductive hand throughout a page-to-page journey, but very seldom are we compelled to define undertaking a cover-to-cover pilgrimage where the… Continue Reading →

Deputy Boyfriends: Prologue

Ba si thatha phi Isibindi esingaka So ku thanda mfaz’omnyama Ba mthande bodwa?

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