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about the shorty:

This short treatise Zodwa Wabantu – God’s Only Daughter is a dexterous and convincing attempt – not to mention noble, if not a little naïve – to return humankind to the intelligence and embrace of the creator. Malizo – who definitely exists! – employs African philosophy and European mythology to hail Zodwa Wabantu as the true messiah. Some may charge that its heresy, we here say its #LitAF!

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about the author:

Malizo ka Mlandzelwa writes while fighting major hangover anxieties; the foreseeable result of his penchant for Skelem Gemmer, which is his go to poison when the month is ugly (as it mostly is) and he can’t afford single malt Scotch. Malizo fears his performance in the sack is highly volatile, with a lot of deviations happening below the mean. So he perfects the foreplay and outsources the sack – that is to say he’s a tease, he believes it isn’t about the climax but the intimacy, which is why he always leaves his readers hanging and begging for more. His life’s mission is to exact vengeance upon his traitors – all the people who cuckolded and friendzoned him.